Rotokauri School - Values: Persistence, Resilience, Integrity, Diversity, and Excellence - Vision: Together We Grow: Unity, Inclusive, and Guardianship; Together We Learn: Innovative, Happy, and Responsible. - Mission: Our positive environment will engage us all in learning

BALLOT  2024

The annual school ballot for enrolments for 2024 is now open for out-of-zone applicants.  We have up to 25 positions available for Year 1 students and up to 7 position available for Year 7 students for 2024.  Please contact the school office to register on the interested parties list in order to receive the appropriate paperwork for putting in an application.
In-zone enrolments - could you please also let the school know if you will be enrolling a student next year as soon as possible.

Thank you for choosing Rotokauri School for your child/children's educational journey.